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Precise Temperature & Humidity Control

If you design, manage or build data centers, Mitsubishi Electric have a solution to meet your IT Cooling and Critical Power demands with end to end, power distribution solutions, software and control performance optimisation systems that have been designed for mission-critical data centres. We understand the risks associated with downtime in data centres, and we have the solutions to keep you operating when it is most needed

  • Indoor Units
  • Indoor Units
  • Indoor Units

Our IT Cooling range makes it possible to keep temperature and humidity constant even with very wide load variations, ensuring the correct room conditions all year round.


The perfect match between efficiency & reliability

With our IT cooling systems, both efficiency and reliability are paramount throughout all the stages of research, design and manufacturing. By using this approach along with over 50 years of manufacturing experience within the IT cooling sector, we are able to offer tailor made IT Cooling solutions.

Close Control Air Conditioning Systems

Indoor unit photograph Think I.T. Cooling logo

RC logo The need for high sensible cooling
and close control of both temperatures and humidity in critical IT environments has never been higher.

Mitsubishi Electric and RC IT cooling systems have therefore been designed to fulfil this requirement, reducing operational costs in the process through the use of highly efficient technology, with many systems incorporating inverter control as standard.

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IT Cooling
The importance of IT Cooling

High precision air conditioners

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RC logo High precision air conditioners are ideal for applications where high sensible cooling and close control of temperature and humidity are required.

The Mitsubishi Electric range of perimeter, up-flow or down-flow units have been designed to cool new and existing IT rooms efficiently and effectively. The perimeter range offers a broad range of unit types to meet any IT perimeter cooling demand. Systems are available from 3.5kW to 204kW.

key features:

s-MEXT: taking aDvantage of 50 years experience

  • Indoor Units
  • Indoor Units
  • Indoor Units
  • Indoor Units

The s-MEXT takes advantage of more than 50 years experience of the RC brand within the IT Cooling market, coupled with Mitsubishi Electric renowned quality standards.

Power Inverter logo The split cooling package consists of the indoor s-MEXT high precision air conditioner connected to a Mr Slim Power Inverter outdoor unit.

The result is a full inverter split system, designed according to the best quality standards and dedicated to the most reliable IT environments.

The s-MEXT DX Computer Room Air Conditioning System

s-Mext: The Benefits

  • High Efficiency - full Mitsubishi Electric inverter technology and EC plug fans

  • Pipe runs up to 100m

  • Trusted Mr Slim Power Inverter technology

Multi Density

Multi Density image

Multi Density is ideal for applications where high sensible cooling and close control of temperature in high-density applications is required.

This system consists of multiple indoor re-engineered 'coolside' close-coupled air conditioners connected to a re-engineered City Multi VRF outdoor unit resulting in a full inverter multi-split system designed according to the best quality standards and dedicated to the most reliable I.T. environments.

The range includes the m-MROW and m-MRAC indoor CRAC units and the m-MOCU air-cooled VRF outdoor unit.

key features:

Mitsubishi Electric Multi Density

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